The Old Tale Of Disappointment: Dumplin’ Review

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Title: Dumplin’
Author: Julie Murphy
Pages: 384
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Release Date: 09/15/2015

At this point, I don’t think I need to introduce Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy at all. Have you read the book or watched the Netflix movie, you know about this book, a love letter to Dolly Parton, female friendship, summer romance and the Revolución. Dumplin’ follows Will, a fat, white girl living in Texas with her pageant beauty mom and her best friend, El. Her dear and beloved aunt recently passed away and Will is still grappling with her death. As pageant season gets closer and after finding out some things about her aunt, Will decides to sign up for the pageant too. Break it from the inside.

I watched the movie when it came out, rewatched the last 30 minutes again and again. It’s a very beautiful, hopeful and heartbreaking story. Will is dealing with loss and mourning and it just hurts so much. I knew I had to read the book after the movie. I’m not super into YA Contemporary Romance but I mean, the movie is my fave and I needed more…

That wasn’t exactly a good idea.

*big sigh*

All the things I loved

The story has a very wonderful friendship and found family theme. Will and Ellen are the best friends ever but their relationship hasn’t been very healthy lately. There’s resentment and misunderstanding and a ton of pride involved, they break up. And it’s hard, so hard for our main character being apart from her sister, the person who knows her the best. But it’s also good for them. They both make new friends, they both rediscover themselves and find confidence and autonomy. I really liked how Julie shows us that yes, their friendship was not going on a good path, but relationships can be worked on. And we can come back from the bumps every better than before. Plus, I really loved all the new friends Will makes. Especially Millie because she’s the best.

As a said, the book deals with grief and it’s just such breaking ball to the heart. Will is a very sympathetic character, she’s brave, confident and proud. She’s angry with her mom, misses her aunt and she feels alone without Ellen. It’s an entire journey she does there, to mend her friendship and her broken heart.

All the things I did not love

I just couldn’t get past how white this book is and how uncomfortable the whole love triangle made me

Besides Hannah, who’s Dominican, I don’t remember any other kid of color in this book. I actually did I searched through my copy, at least Julie described them with one of those white people analogies, I did not found any other kid of color. Very frustrating and annoying and ridiculous, and with the message of the book, it just feels like a joke. This a story about confidence and love and bodies that don’t go with beauty standards… but all the bodies of this book are white. That alone is eye-rolling, but to have our white main character think that Hannah problem is just her teeth, not being Afro-Latinx in a world that does not want her or her culture, is just laughable. I’m assuming she’s Afro-Latinx because they talked about a teacher who kept calling her African American and how Hannah snapped… a whole different problem in there.

I also didn’t like the whole romance here. Which it’s so disappointing because that’s one of my favorite things from the movie. Bo here is kinda a jerk and I felt very meh about him. Mitch annoyed me to no end at the beginning but then I felt bad for him because he was just trying so hard. I didn’t really like any of the boys, I particularly didn’t care which one Will pick at the end. But I was also super frustrated with Will because she just DOESN’T TALK WITH THEM, things get carried away and they snowball and then Big Problems and I just… please talk to your love interests, about what you want and what you don’t want, from the beginning. This is more a ME thing that a book thing, but I really don’t like misunderstandings as the conflict in romance. It feels so cheap when there were so many instances that could have stopped everything.

Overall, I would say I enjoyed Dumplin’. I liked Will and the side characters, I would definitely read more by the author. I would not, however, reread this book again.

Happy reading,


Diary of a Reading Beast: How I Manage College + Reading

Hello friends,

I was a little bit surprised when I started college and my monthly wrap-ups, instead of going down, went all the way up. From one year to the other, I have managed to read at least 20 books a month. Yes, as a full-time college student and everything.

I have always read, I have always found calm between pages in the most stressful moments of my life. So I knew I wouldn’t let books behind now. Along the way, I guess I have picked up some tricks to keep up with my school work, maintain that GPA and be as my friends call me, a reading beast. Some things did not work out as I hoped, some things I had to change, but still, I’m so happy and proud of everything I’ve accomplished.

Studying is a full-time job that demands more than time and money, we know it too well. But again, books and book twitter is what has kept afloat during finals.

I was kinda surprised (and very much overwhelmed) when I asked on twitter if people were interested in this post. I’m very glad you are! Maybe my reading habits can help you, maybe you can improve them. Maybe this just not for you. That’s okay! These are just my experiences, not trying to write about everyone’s. And I’m very privileged. Yes, I’m a student, but I do not have a full-time job or a family to take care or any other kind of responsibility. I have accessibility to the library and books, and I have time and money that I can spend. What I’m trying to say, this is just me. I’m not here to tell you how to read or manage your life at all.

Let me know how you manage college and reading in the comments!

I Read What I Want

When I consciously started picking diverse books my reading game was changed completely. Why? Because I finally found stories that I deeply loved, cared and wanted to know more about. For so long I follow this rule of “you can’t be a fan of X genre if you haven’t read their popular authors”. Meh. I don’t have time to read things that I don’t like. Cleaning my Goodreads shelf was liberating. And going from 2-3 star reads to 4s and 5s is freaking awesome. At least for me, it’s all connected. Reading books that I enjoy makes me read more, which makes me find more favorites which make me read more… The months were I read the most, the most 4 and 5 stars I rate.

Throwing myself with all the passion that I had to Romance, Fantasy and Middle Grade was one of the best things I have done with my college time.

We sadly don’t have all the time we want to read every single book out there, so why would you force yourself to read things you are not enjoying? Which leads to my rule of gold…

I DNF Like A Champ

I used to think DNF was quitting, that I was a failure. Which meant that I didn’t enjoy half of the books that I was actually reading. Books, I have found, should not make me feel like I’m wasting my time. I know sometimes is hard putting a book down! I understand that, so let me tell you how I do it.

I ask myself 3 questions after reading one chapter/couple of pages;

  1. Is this book something I want to read? If the answer is yes, then please continue
  2. Is this book something I may enjoy but I’m not feeling right now? Pause! Come back another time, the book can wait
  3. Is this book something that I’m not going to like because character/writing/trope/plot is not working for me? Put it down and don’t look back

This is more of a practiced thing, you know? After reading many books with similar tropes I can tell you what I like and what’s a Big nope for me, but that takes time! I try to not feel guilty about the books that I don’t finish because it’s okay. Sometimes life happens, sometimes authors don’t work for you, sometimes books can be the worst. If you don’t want to finish the book, don’t do it. It’s going to be okay. You can always come back, the book will wait for you.

And let me tell you, I DNF books at the 80% mark like is nothing because it’s nothing. I don’t need to occupy my precious time in things that really, just stress me or infuriate me to no end.

It’s Finals Time, Give Me All The Short Stuff

Seriously, everything is reading! Graphic novels, mangas, picture books, comics and everything in between ARE books. Short stories and novellas are the best! I get it, sometimes we want to tackle the big tomes, but reading short stuff doesn’t mean you’re doing less. When finals get here, I know I’m not going to be able to be reading books with more than 300 pages. Even if I have some time here and then, my mind keeps going back to all the school stuff that I need to do. That’s when I put out all my romance novellas and graphic novels from my tbr. Because 1) I have the greatest time for a while, 2) I take some very needy relaxing time and 3) I just knocked 3 books for my reading challenge. Yay yay and yay.

This goes with my number 1 point, too: I try not to feel guilty of what I read. Anything counts! And yes, sometimes I don’t have the time to devour big novels, that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop reading.

All The Formats, All The Books, All The Reading Done

One of the hardest things is finding free time. Between running to class, doing the work, trying to get some sleep and doing life stuff, reading goes all the way done in the priority list. For that, I found the perfect solution: get books in all kind of formats. Audios, ebooks, physical copies, I end up with something to read everywhere I go. Between classes, I can take my kindle app and read that last chapter, and when I get lunch? Perfect for starting the book! With all the driving audiobooks become my best friends. I usually get the same book in two formats at the same time, and for that, I will always be eternally grateful to libraries. When I feel like I don’t have time for even breathing, I find all the small spaces in between. It’s good because 1) I need a break from school sometimes, and 2) reading brings me joy and finishing books bring me even more joy.

I’m not going to lie, I may or may not have got late to class a couple of times because I HAD to finish that chapter before going in. Oops

A Master in Multitasking

As I said, I do more than one format at the time and I do more than one book at the time. Yes, I read 6 or more books at the same time. Different genres, different tones, different formats, I have something for every single moment. This is a mood reader problem, I know, but I’m prepared for everything. Switching books and formats speed up my reading. Sometimes things are just not working and I need something different from the complex Fantasy book, so here it comes the lighthearted rom-com.

I usually take a week with books of more than 300 pages because I keep going back and forth. It works for me! This method keeps me hooked and keeps my overachiever mind at peace too.

Sometimes College Wins, But I Win More

I don’t usually finish books at one go, as I said, time is little and most days I only get squeezes. So I try to read at least 50 pages a day, sometimes I read way more and sometimes I don’t get anything done. Although this something I keep struggling with it to accept: it’s okay.

Being a full-time college student is an admiring job. Adding that to reading and blogging? You become a superhero. I put all the time I have left in what I enjoy and sometimes, I don’t have any. Some weeks I barely get to read anything, sometimes my eyes are so tired that I fall asleep with my book on hand.

I do as much as I can, even though sometimes it doesn’t feel enough. This is one of the hardest things to write because it’s so deeply personal, but I’m sure I’m not the only one struggling with this sense of dread and disappointment.

Three things I tell myself when I feel myself drifting to the anxiety snowball;

You are doing just fine.

You are freaking awesome.

You have so much time left

2019 First Half Book Haul: Cande Why?

Hello friends,

I have been debating about this post for a while, because do you really want to know about all the money I’m putting on books that I haven’t read? Maybe you do…

Anyway, this a big book haul because it goes all the way back to the beginning of the year until May. To make matters easier, and I hope, more entertaining, I’ll just give a brief description of why I bought the book and if I have read it or not. Not really bothering with summaries because you will not want to read that post, I promise you, too long. And for real, at this point, I don’t have any idea what half of my books are about, oops.

Titles will be link to Goodreads page. All photos are mine.

🌈Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh. Status: Read. A YA Fantasy with a queer cast, necromancers, beast masters, magic and bisexual disaster main character. I finally read this book for Pride month and what a good decision. The story ended up being tougher than I expected, it deals with very heavy topics, but in such an important way. I can’t wait to share my review with you, friends! Soon.

🌊 The Heart Forger by Rin Chupeco. Status: Unread. It was a preorder that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. I loved The Bone Witch, which I recently reread because I love making my heart hurt, apparently. Now that I own the entire trilogy, I’m happily ready to dive into this fantastical series. Not really, I know it’s going to be a painful ride. Please pray for me.

🌊Forest Of A Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao. Status: Unread. This was a “oh I need you” buy, I have been eyeing this book for some time so when I crossed path with it in the bookstore (and having a coupon on hand), I knew it was destiny. Yeah, I still haven’t read it and I don’t know why. I may be a little bit intimidated by it, having such high expectations. But I won’t let this year go by without tackling this book.

🌴The Moon Within by Aida Salazar. Status: Read. This was one of my most anticipated 2019 reads and it totally lived up to my expectations. Written in verse the story follows a young multiracial Latinx girl who’s growing up, even if she doesn’t want to. You can read more about my feelings here.

🌊The Rose Society by Marie Lu. Status: Unread. It was at the used bookstore and I knew I had to get it after reading The Young Elites and completely falling in love with this series. It has been on my tbr for a while but I never quite get to it? I’m just very scared about the story and I can’t push myself to just sit and read it. I will, I know I will, but it’s going to take me some time.

🌴Sal and Gabi Break the Universe by Carlos Hernandez. Status: July TBR. It is another of my 2019 anticipated releases (you can read more about here). I mean, Latinx kids making mistakes so now they have to save the universe? Of course I had to preorder! My brother decided to read it first, so now it’s finally my time.

🌈The Disasters by M.K. England. Status: Unread. I saw so much buzz for The Disasters last year because queer space opera??? I need this in my life! I actually don’t know much about it? But it was on sale and I knew it was very Gay and the cover is so nice and whatever, why not buy it?

🌴Dealing In Dreams by Lilliam Rivera. Status: Read. If you see Dealing in Dreams’s cover you know why I had to get it. SO pretty! Plus YA Dystopian with a Latinx girl gang? Yes! We read this one on May for Latinx Book Club and I have some Thoughts. I still haven’t written my review (of course) but it will be up soonish.

🌊 The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi. Status: Unread. Two years ago I read The Star Touched Queen and I was so on awed. Although it didn’t make it to my favorite reads of the year, I loved the writing, the world-building and characters. Beautiful! I knew I would love anything Roshani writes, so when her latest book, a YA heist set in France, I had to get it. I know I know, I will read it!

🌊Descendant of the Crane by Joan He. Status: Unread. I preordered this one because so many friends were rambling about how wonderful and good it is. And I’m here for all the WOC writing YA Fantasy. And I may or may not have been influenced by the gorgeous character cards.

🌴Blanca & Roja by Anna-Marie McLemore. Status: August TBR. I loved Wild Beauty, a forever fave. I read it on its release year and since then, I still haven’t read anything else by Anna-Marie. I know, I’m so ashamed. That’s why I got this book, her latest one. I’m preparing myself because Latinx Book Club is reading it next month. Join us!

🌊Heroine’s Journey by Sarah Kuhn. Status: August TBR. This book three of one of my favorite series, Heroine Complex. I’m currently rereading book one and two, so Heroine’s Journey, I’m coming for you. If you haven’t read this series, you HAVE to. It’s fun, full of romance, superhero adventures and a beautiful theme of found family. Plus it deals with toxic friendship, racism and misogyny.

🌴Nocturna by Maya Motayne. Status: August TBR. I preordered this because Maya is part of Las Musas and I adore them and because I’m so here for YA Latinx Fantasy. My dear friends Jocelyn @ yogi with a book and Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense have loved the book and I did promised them to read it before the Summer ends. So yes, August is the month!

🌊Heroine Complex and Heroine Workship by Sarah Kuhn. Status: Currently Reading. As I said, this series is my fave and now I own all of the books (all the books out for now) and that makes me so happy. I’m slowly making my way through, rereading and preparing for book 3 and the novella, Unsung Heroine.

🌊We Hunt The Flame by Hafsah Faizal. Status: Unread. Ay Cande, why do you do this? This is one of my most anticipated 2019 releases; a YA Fantasy Arab inspired. EH YES PLEASE! But I still haven’t read it and I have ZERO excuses left at this point. This one was also a preorder because I want to support all the diverse YA Fantasy and the character cards were freaking gorgeous. Sorry not sorry.

🌴Undead Girl Gang by Lily Anderson. Status: Read. I read this book last year for Latinx Heritage Month and I LOVED IT SO MUCH. Okay, seriously, so good. It was one of my 2018 favorites AND all time favorites. When Lily announced a paperback release with this new, gorgeous cover, I had to preorder. Like I had to own my favorite book and I had to bless my shelf.

🌏Blood Water Paint by Joy McCullough. Status: Read. Another 2018 favorite that I had to own. This story is just so heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time. So hard to read, but so worthy. It was an out of the world experience to read Artemisia’s story and then go to DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts) and stand in front of her painting, Judith and Her Maidservant. An wonderful experience. And now I can carry Artemisia, and Joy’s words, everywhere with me.

🌊The Gauntlet by Karuna Riazi. Status: Unread. I have been eyeing this book for so long. Well, since it came out in 2017. I’m very excited to dive into this Jumanjiesc adventure. This is a middle grade with steampunk elements and Middle Eastern influences. Sounds so good!

So what do you think? What I should pick up next?

Happy reading,

2019 YARC Update: Smash that Goal

Hello friends,

I’m back today talking about Year of the Asian Reading Challenge, or YARC. This is a year-long challenge organized by CW, Shealea, Vicky, and Lily. Back in February, I wrote my sign up post with a tentative TBR. My first goal was 24 books, I figured that I easily could manage two books a month by an Asian author or artist. And I did quite well because as of today, I have read 44 books. Yes! I surpassed my own goal so now I have set up a new one, one that my overachiever heart treasures and dreads; 60 books to get the Bengali tiger.

I wanted to do like a mini updated about the challenge, what books I have been reading and what books I’m planning to read next.

Books Read

Yes! 44 books, bitches!

Of those 44 books, 12 are romance novels or novellas, 16 are graphic novels or mangas, and 10 are YA science fiction/fantasy novels. It’s a very nice variety of genres and tropes going through everything I like to read. I’m quite happy that I decided to reread Ms. Marvel this year and super happy that I finally started Sidekick Squad series by C.B. Lee. I’ve been tackling so many books from my tbr and it makes me so happy!

Favorite Books So Far

Definitely as a highlight; The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco, Sidekick Squad by C.B.Lee, Kiranmala and the Kingdom of Beyond by Sayantani DasGupta, Outrun the Moon by Stacey Lee, The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X.R. Pan, and Ash by Malinda Lo.

This year I’m finishing The Bone Witch series, I have to. Book one was one of my favorite reads in 2017 and now that I reread it, I’m also counting it for this year. The rich world, the complex characters, the dreadful adventures, the air of mystery, I just love how the story alternates between past and present in such a masterfully way. Hands down to Rin, seriously.

Add to Goodreads

I won book one of the Sidekick Squad like two years ago? And I have had it there, sitting on my shelf all this time. And the worst thing is, I knew I would really really loved it. Finally read it and I want to kick myself because yes! I LOVED IT. A sapphic superhero story? Sign me up! Book two was also super delightful and fun and sweet. I seriously adore everyone and I can’t wait to finally read book 3 about my fave character, Emma.

Add to Goodreads

I feel like I’ve been talking nonstop about Kiranmala and the Kingdom of Beyond, but this series is just so good! I need everyone having it on their radar, please. Full of friendship, adventures, astronomy facts, puns and a kick ass heroine. The series gets to be fun and tackle heavy and important themes at the same time. Sayantani is truly a wonderful writer.

Add to Goodreads

Stacey Lee is becoming one of my all time favorite authors. Last year I listened and fall in love with Under a Painted Sky. Outrun the Moon has also a sympathetic character, delightful female friendship, a heartwarming romance and a very hopeful message. I just trust Stacey to give me a very hard book that it will have the perfect and most satisfying ending ever.

Add to Goodreads

The Astonishing Color of After was a very hard book to read, but it just so beautifully written that I couldn’t quite put it down. The story has these little moments of hope and love that help with the grief, sense of loss and pain that Leigh is going through. I really think this book was a journey that I needed to take. Emily broke my heart and put it back together.

Add to Goodreads

Ash is another book that explorers loss and mourning. A sapphic Cinderella retelling that broke my heart in ten thousand pieces. It just so unfair and infuriating the way Ash is treated and she deserves so much better. It’s not an action-packed/adventure type sort of book, more of a character-driven book. It’s quiet and slow-paced, but just so perfect for the story that it tells. I really appreciated what Malinda Lo did here.

Add to Goodreads

What I am Reading Next

I’m currently reading two books for this challenge; 29 Dates by Melissa de la Cruz and Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn. The first one is a delightful rom-com with a Korean MC who falls for the wrong guy in her one year-exchange student program in San Francisco. Sarah’s book is my reread project for one of my favorite series, I’m having such a fun time with the superhero adventures, slowish burn romance, the heartwarming found family and all the demon mysteries.

Some books that I have in mind to read in the next weeks;

  • Aru Shah and the End of Time by Roshani Chokshi
  • Descendant of the Crane by Joan He
  • Somewhere Only We Know by Maurene Goo
  • Wicked Fox by Kat Cho
  • Saving Luna by Carla de Guzman
  • Wrong to Need You by Alisha Rai

What should I read next?

Happy reading,

Novellas A Ton: Pride Edition

Hello friends,

As I was saying in my summer romance post, my idea is to bring these short, concise reviews from books I don’t feel like writing a complete post for. And I don’t want to cloud my wrap ups with all the books that I read monthly because they’re really too much, too exhausting for you and me. Writing my romance post was super fun, so I’m excited to do this again with all the queer novellas I have read lately.

I promise you, this post is pretty short, so bear with me.

Book covers below are linked to Goodreads page.

The Image of Deception by Charlotte Anne Hamilton

The Image of Deception is a sapphic romance with a bisexual MC and a pansexual MC. The story stars with Clarissa getting herself a pep talk before confronting her boyfriend’s lover. But it’s a surprise for both them, Megan had no idea that Robert was a cheating asshole. They’re angry and disappointed, so they make a plan to get revenge. But as things go, they realize that Robert may have done something good in his life: connecting them.

The story is pretty short, so it’s understandable that I feel like I need more, but still, I needed more. The revenge thing was super fun and entertaining to read, but the relationship took me a while. Nothing wrong or bad, it just felt like they were friends pretty quick. And although the romance comes after, I needed to see more of them alone as characters and then of them as a couple.

Anygay, Charlotte’s writing is good and I always enjoy her books, so definitely I’ll keep reading.

Cinnamon Blade: Knife in Shining Armor by Shira Glassman

Cinnamon Blade is a full time superhero, fighting vampires and aliens, rescuing civilians and having her friends, and teammates, back. But she can’t ignore the share attraction between her and Soledad Castillo. Can they really have a nice and quiet date, like everyone else?

This a pretty short but super fun read. I love superheroes, I love found families story lines, I love characters who used to be more like antiheroes but they redeem. And for above everything else, I love f/f romances.

At this point, I have read a couple of Shira’s book and I always find such a wonderful and adorable story. Although this one is a little bit more sexy (and hot). Not complaining, at all.

I really enjoy this one, we get information about the world-building and the characters past. It also worked better for me because the couple already know each other, and they’ve been flirting for a while. So the transition from single to in relationship feels more smooth.

Also: bisexual Jewish MC, Latinx LI (Costan Rican)

Swelter by Jules Kelley

Grace flies back to home to surprise her brother in his wedding date. She also gets a surprise when her old crush, Maya, her brother’s best friend and his best man, leaves her gasping for air.

This pretty short, like 20 pages or so, and it just wasn’t enough for me. Sure, we get this super fast (and very understandable) retelling of their past history and then we jump up to the present and their new crush. I mean, I get it, it’s fair with something so short but at the same time, I need more. More from the characters and their attraction and their past and new relationship to actually feel it.

Swelter is not bad, by any means, but for me this story is lacking.

A Night At The Mall by M. Hollis

Grace goes to the mall to meet her date, but she never appears. So Grace decides to do one of her favorite activities: shopping. She is having fun when suddenly the lights go off and she is locked in the store. And she is not alone, Sol has been left behind too. 

A Night at the Mall is so beautiful, sweet and funny novella. I love this kind of story where the protagonist and love interest meet in unexpected situations, like being left in the mall. Maria’s story is fluffy and wonderful. Yes, it’s short but I felt their spark. I would love to read more about Sol and Grace, sure. But this is enough for me to fall in love with them and wish them the absolutely best.

Also, can we have more queer Latinx rom coms, please? It’s only thing I need.

And that’s for today.

Have you read any queer novellas recently?

Any recommendations?

Happy reading,

Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag: Oh I Did That

Hello friends,

I started drafting this post when I read Alicia’s post (@ A Kernel of Nonsense). And then life happened and this post ended up there, waiting. Now we’re on the what? the end of the first week of July

I also lost all my post because wordpress is apparently the Worst and loves making me sad, so this is scene II of my Mid-Year Freak Out book tag. Thank you to the 86 of you that’s still sticking up with me! I’m trying to find a way to keep posting and not disappear like I’ve been doing. I started this little space back in January and I can’t believe all the love and support that I have been getting. You’re all amazing. Seriously, thank you so much, friends!

Anyway, let’s get to business.

As of July, I have read 180 books and 33,315 pages, that’s an average of 25 books per month. I’m very happy with my stats and you can read more about it and my goals on my post, First Quarter 2019 Update.

Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag was originally created by booktubers Read Like Wildfire and Earl Grey Books.

What is the best book that you’ve read so far in 2019?

There are three books that I can already tell you, they’re faves for life;

  • We Set The Dark On Fire by Tehlor Kay Mejia
  • A Girl Like Her by Talia Hibbert
  • The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty

I’ve been talking nonstop about We Set The Dark On Fire, so I’ll just say: Tehlor’s words are so inspiring, this sapphic love story gives me life, and Dani and Carmen will be protected at all costs. Check out my review here to know more about this freaking amazing book. You’re welcome.

Listen, A Girl Like Her is hands down the best romance that I’ve read so far. And Talia Hibbert is my queen. Her characters, her stories, her happy and satisfying endings, I adore everything. I want ten thousand more stories, too. Ruth and Evan bring me so much joy and they deserve the entire world. You can read more about my devotion to this series here. And maybe, if you’re planning to give her books a try, join the readathon that I’m co-organizing with Nicky @ Small Queer, Big Opinions next year. Follow us on twitter!

I finished The City Of Brass a couple of weeks ago and I knew from chapter one this one was going to the all-time fave shelf. I’m slowly diving into Adult Fantasy, so I was already all in for this book. Now, did I know how much I would freaking sacrifice for a piece of this story? Oh no, I had no idea how much I would end up loving Nahri. She’s the only queen I’ll stan and everyone else can home now. Okay, sorry! I promise I can actually talk about it and say more than intense screams (mmmm maybe I can’t). The world building, the complex characters, the rich writing, the wonderful and magical world. So much respect for S.A Chakraborty for creating such an amazing story.

What has been your favourite sequel of the first half of the year?

That has to be book two of Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond, Game of Stars. I read book one in March and I adored it. It’s not like I had problems with the book, not at all, but book 2 made me sit down for a moment. This series is just so delightful and fun and so full of friendship and adventures, set in an Indian inspired world. Calling out the patriarchy and racism, talking about identity and culture, debating about good vs evil and making astronomy puns with fascinating facts. Dasgupta really went there. I can’t seriously wait for book three next year! I’m not ready to let this series go but also, I need more, pretty please.

Is there a new release that you haven’t read yet but you’re really excited to?

Top of my head:

  • Nocturna by Maya Motayne
  • We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal
  • Tell Me How You Really Feel by Aminah Mae Safi

What is your most anticipated release for the second half of the year?

OMG all the hard questions? Let’s do only five;

  • The Black Veins by Ashia Monet (July)
  • Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir (September)
  • The Tenth Girl by Sara Faring (September)
  • The Never Tilting World by Rin Chupeco (October)
  • Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert (November)

What is your biggest disappointment so far?

I have two big disappoints so far. Ready? Please, don’t scream at me. Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson and Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee.

I knew for a start that Truly Devious was not going to work for me. But I got the audiobook and the narrator is great, so I power through. I just didn’t like the characters, I felt disconnected from their emotions and the mystery was so bland. Besides that, the big plot twist, in the end, was just poor taste. Like I have zero patience, compassion or love for privileged white guys, what can I say. 

Dragon Pearl just… I wanted to love it, but I had such a hard time reading it. Like it took me so long, I had to pause it and restart it three different times. The story was good, but between the writing (which I wasn’t a fan of) and some plot-wise decisions, I didn’t have the great time I was expecting from this book. Not bad, just maybe not for me?

What is your biggest surprise so far?

I’m just writing my review of Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh and I don’t want to be repeating myself buT OH MY FUCKING GOD THIS BOOK. Like I knew I would like this book, but not the way I did. It just blew me away. Yes, I liked the characters and the romance and the world building too. But the way the story deals with trauma, loss, and addiction, just surprised me so much. We barely see this kind of themes recognized in fantasy settings, and least of all, treat with respect and compassion. And seriously, one of the best sapphic couples that I have read this year.

What is your favourite new to you or debut author?

Pride by Ibi Zoboi is one of my favorite books of this year. Yes, hands down to that one. Zoboi is not a debut author but I finally read her words this year and she just blew me away. I adored this Pride and Prejudice retelling and I loved its characters so much. Now I want to read all the books Ibi writes. Like right now. One after the other, thank you very much.

Me to Adriana Herrera: I freaking love you, please keep writing these sexy, hopeful and very Latinx books.

I read American Dreamer, Adriana’s debut, back in April and omg this book! I was super excited because Dominican main character + food and that was everything I needed to know. The story explorers so much in a nuanced and respectful way. And I felt so seen and validated with the Latinx representation. Seriously, I will keep reading everything Adriana does from now on.

What is your favourite fictional crush from this year?

My favorite thing about being bisexual (for me, of course), I always do two crushes because I can. So, Kenny from The Spies Who Loved Her series by Katrina Jackson and Nahri from The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty. 

Kenny is just the sweetest and kindest person ever. He’s always doing his best and standing by Maya’s side and looking at her with so much love. I just wow I want someone like him in my life, please. That’s the kind of boyfriend we all deserve.

And Nahri? Nahri is just the queen I stan and I adore and I will protect. Nahri is resourceful and fierce and unstoppable. She’s constantly learning and moving and planning. Her life hasn’t been easy but she just wants to be a doctor, to save people. Don’t mistake her kindness with naivete because she will no doubt to hold the blade to protect the people she cares about. Her strength as a character lies in her resolve to keep learning after making mistakes. She’s just… so perfect? I love her so much.

What is your new favourite character?

Okay, so many? There’re the oblivious ones: Dani and Carmen from We Set The Dark On Fire by Tehlor Kay Mejia. But let’s talk about two books I recently finished and loved and I would die for their characters; Portia from A Duke By Default by Alyssa Coles and Emma from Not Your Sidekick by C.B.Lee. 

Portia is this amazing character who’s so misunderstood and underestimated. My poor baby, feeling like she doesn’t deserve grumpy and sexy, Tav. I loved everything about Portia, she’s so amazing and incredible and wow Tav is so lucky. 

Emma isn’t Not Your Sidekick main character, she’s actually Jess’ best friend. She’s Latinx, she’s aro and ace, and I love her. She’s loyal and funny and so clueless about Bells’s crush on her. She’s always there for her friends. I would totally want to hang out and/or be in her best friend squad.

A book that made you cry?

The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X.R. Pan is a wrecking ball of a book. Oh god, I tear up just thinking about it. It’s not an easy book by any means, the story starts with Leigh’s mom dying by suicide. It focus on her and her mourning as she travels to Taiwan to meet her grandparents for the first time. It’s a magical, very heartbreaking story and I adore every single word of it. But oh friends, if I cried with this one…

A book that made you happy?

The Tea Dragon Society and The Tea Dragon Festival by Katie O’Neill are such beautiful and heartwarming graphic novels. The colors and the art is gorgeous, the story makes me so happy. There’s all type of magical creatures in this LGBTQ+ friendly world. Tea dragons are the cutest, but all the characters are equally amazing. These are such sweet, funny and soft books and they made me cry of happiness.

Your favourite book to movie/tv show that you’ve seen so far?

Eh nothing? I’m not really into watching movie adaptions. And most of the times, when I watch them, I haven’t read the book/I’m not planning to. Sorry not sorry?

What is the most beautiful book that you have bought?

  • With the Fire On High by Elizabeth Acevedo
  • Nocturna by Maya Motayne
  • We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal

Some close-ups; naked cover of Elizabeth’s book, endpapers of Nocturna, and naked cover of Faizal’s book.

What is your favourite post that you have written so far this year?

My guest post about Latinx rep and queerness in Shri’s blog @ sun and chai. You can read about here.

What are 6 books that you want to read by the end of the year?

  • The Grief Keeper by Alexandra Villasante
  • The Tenth Girl by Sara Faring (I actually got an arc of this one, so hopefully soon)
  • Sal and Gabi Break the Universe by Carlos Hernandez
  • With the Fire On High by Elizabeth Acevedo
  • This Time Will Be Different by Misa Sugiura 
  • Somewhere Only We Know by Maurene Goo

Did you do Mid-year freak out tag? What are your fave books so far? What are your disappointments? What about are you planning to read next?

Happy reading,

2019 Book Blogger Awards: Cande’s Nominations

Hello friends,

I just found out the other day about Book Blogger Awards and I HAD to write my nomination post asap. These awards were used to be organized by Joce @ Write Through the Night but this year is organized by May @ Forever and Everly . In case you don’t know about them, there are a series of categories and everyone can nominated their favorite book bloggers for it. The first round runs through June 20th to July 20th, on July 24th the second run will start with a Google form to vote on May’s blog. But be sure to check out May’s post here that’s way better explained and way prettier to read.

I’m super excited to do this because book bloggers are awesome and they deserve all the recognition. And I’m more than excited for my nominations because nothing brings me more joy that talking about my favorite people. So let’s do this!

🌸Best of Book Blogging🌸

Best Book Reviews

CW @ The Quiet Pond has a gorgeous blog full of life. I deeply trust CW opinion; her reviews are thoughtful, respectful, fun to read but also always on point. Not only I admire the structure and whole aesthetic, but the dedication that CW puts on all her reviews. I see her work but also her love, not only for the books but for her space, which I don’t know… just makes me so happy. I always turn to The Quiet Pond when looking for a new read and everything I have read by CW recommendation has become a new fave.

Shri @ sun and chai is an amazing blogger that everyone should follow. She has the cutest aesthetic, the best ideas and writes amazing reviews. Her reviews are fun and smart, she makes such important points that I would have never considered before. She always gets me excited for the books that I have on my tbr and reinforces my love for my faves. Yes, I value her reviews, but not only because we have similar tastes, no, because I know that if we don’t share an opinion, her reviews are also going to make me see things differently. I don’t mean she’s the only one with the Truth, her opinion impossible to dispute, she’s always fair and respectful and honest, I deeply admire that. Seriously, go follow her to enter at the SFF rabbit hole.

Best Book Recommendations

Fadwa @ Word Wonders is a genius in everything she decides to do; her bookstagram is gorgeous, her booktube videos are amazing and her recommendation posts are the absolute best. From her bisexual MCs to her Latinx rep, Fadwa has all sort of lists that always make my tbr grow ten times more. And nothing makes me more happy that navigating through her beautiful blog.

Laura @ Green Tea & Paperbacks is the best. Okay, not just saying that because we’re friends! She has a beautiful blog and amazing posts. I have read so many queer comics thanks to her, she always has the greatest recommendation posts; creative, fun and super useful. Like her queer comics quiz. The absolute best! You go to Green Tea & Paperbacks and come out with ten new graphic novels to read. Seriously, the best thing that could happen to you.

Best Blog Aesthetic

Hands down to Aimal @ Bookshelves and Paperbacks for her beautiful, and I mean BEAUTIFUL, blog. The colors, the graphics, even the design of the blog, is just so pleasant to see. I think I could stare at her posts all day long. The genius jumps out.

Sofia @ Bookish Wanderess redesigned her blog and wow I’m in complete awed. It’s so freaking cute!! I love everything flowery related, but here is even more pretty. It’s so her style and it makes perfect sense that the kindest person would have such a gorgeous blog. I mean of course!

Best Blogging/Writing Voice

I have the pleasure to call Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense my friend, so I know she’s a queen. She’s so eloquent and smart, not only her reviews but all her posts. Her voice is honest and confident. She works so hard for her beautiful blog and for our book club, Latinx Book Club. She’s a fierce force that always knows what should be our next step. I deeply admire Alicia, her kindness and hard work. She puts so much work, energy and love on her posts to make them dynamic, fun and sincere.

Be sure to check out all these amazing bloggers, follow their gorgeous blogs and support them. Bloggers are a gem, and I will protect them at all costs.

Summer Romance I: All The Good Tropes

Hello friends,

As I come back to blogging again I decided to do things a little bit different. Instead of trying to review every single book that I have read, I will do a series of posts by genres/themes. I just read too much for even trying to find the time to write a full-length review for every single book. How’s this going to work? I’ll be posting towards the end of the month (probably bimonthly) a post with short and very simple reviews in different categories. This is part one of Summer Romance, all the Romance books that I have read in May and mid-June.

I’m not sure if this is going to work or I’ll end up dumping this idea in a week, but at least I’m going to give it a try.

I read seven Romance books in these past one and half months. It was consistently very good months because I rated most of these books with 4 and 5 stars, and even my 3 stars were very good and enjoyable reads.

Click cover to go to goodreads’ page

Making Up by Lucy Parker (London Celebrities #3)

I have talked before on here how much I enjoy Lucy Parker’s writing, how much I love her characters and how this series has quickly become one of my absolute faves. Making Up follows Trix, circus artist, and Leo, makeup artist, as they find that they don’t really hate each other (that much) and surprisingly for everyone, they’re actually falling in love. I knew I was going to like this, there weren’t any doubts about that. Leo is Lucy’s Grumpy Man Falls Hard In Love With Heroine. He can be an ass and every time Trix calls him out I did a triumph dance. But he’s also protective of his friends and family, he deeply cares for his people. And he really fucking adores Trix. Trix is, as all of the heroines of this series, wonderful and powerful and so relatable. She’s going through a rough patch as she still is beating her demons after breaking up with Asshole Ex. Her pain is so physical and it made my heart ache; her anxiety, her doubts, her fears, all these dreams she had for herself but she let go… She’s trying to find her footing again and it’s impossible not to root for her.

This is a rival to lovers who used to be childhood friends, so there’s a very special tone then. They used to know everything about each other, and then misunderstandings and terrible decisions happened and they hated their guts. For second chances is always important to see why the couple didn’t work then but why their relationship will work now, and it’s very clear here: they were teenagers, they both made mistakes but things (they) are different now. Although there’re small details that see from their past selves, to fall in love again they have to meet the new person of today. And it just works so well.

Their interactions are hilarious and I adore everything about this book. It’s funny and heartwarming, so hopeful. I seriously could keep reading Parker’s books for the rest of my life, thank you very much.

Hired by Zoey Castile (Happy Endings #2)

In Hired we follow Faith, the perfect daughter of New Orleans politician, and Aiden, the sexy Colombian man whose work is to pleasure women. They meet each other at a bar and sparks truly fly. Faith, after a bad day with her family, decides this time she’s going to do what she wants, not thinking of any responsibilities. A care-free night, nothing more. But things don’t turn as expected when they both realized that they actually want to keep seeing each other. The story started very well, Zoey’s writing is gripping and sexy and funny and her characters very compelling. I was in love with these two characters who very clearly are hurting but don’t know how to ask for help. They are not alone, they never were, although it takes them some time to see that. And although they don’t think so, they deserve each other and the happiness the relationship brings them.

So yes, the first half or so of this book I was very engaged and rooting for their relationship. And then shit happened. Or better said, shit did not happen for a while. I really don’t like the “fake identity” trope, starting relationships when you’re withholding information about yourself just makes me icky. Especially when the character knows the other person is not going to be happy about it. Just please don’t do this. After waiting for so long for Aiden to come clean to Faith, and then the conflict and things unrolling, I just was done with the story. At this point, I was so frustrated with the hero and I didn’t care about the couple’s happiness anymore. And it just makes me so sad. It’s not necessarily the book’s fault, more a ‘me thing’. I really don’t enjoy this plot point or trope, like ever.

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang (The Kiss Quotient #1)

I’ve been meaning to read this book since it came out last year. It has one of my favorite tropes: fake dating, so I was very excited. Stella, a successful ergonomist, decides to hire Michael, Vietnamese-Swedish escort, to teach her how to be better at sex. But things turned better than expected it, Michael is kind and patience and cares about her feelings. You know, like every past experience should have gone but of course, men are trash. So Stella decides to pay Michael to pretend a fake relationship. We all know what happens next: they actually fall for each other. Oh yes.

This book is #ownvoices for Autistic representation and one huge plot in the story is how Stella feels that she has to be better and change herself to be in a relationship. Although her perspective changes throughout the book, I want to let all of you know, dear friends, that the book has some internalized ableism (challenged).

The Kiss Quotient is a great and wonderful romance, full of sweet and hilarious moment. Michael’s relationship with his sisters and cousin filled me with joy. This was a very wonderful read that I’m going to keep with me for a very long time.

A Girl Like Her by Talia Hibbert (Ravenswood #1)

This was a reread for me and although I read it for the first time in February, I couldn’t resist myself. THIS BOOK, FRIENDS. Talia has become, hands down, one of my all times favorite authors and I will seriously read anything she decides to write. Especially this wonderful series with pariah heroines who are all softie inside and the teddy bears that fall for them.

In A Girl Like Her, we meet Ruth and her next door neighbor, Evan. Ruth is an Autistic, Black woman, a webcomic creator and the woman everyone hates in town. Evan is the next stranger who just moved to town, loves to cook for his neighbors and is just too fucking nice. I love this story that deals with abusive exes, but it’s so hopeful and powerful. I love these characters and how clueless they are and how they fall for each other and it takes them more than half of the book to kiss. I love the supportive characters and I love the story Talia’s creating here. I just love this, okay? So freaking much. This romance just makes me so happy and it brings me all the joy. Treasuring this one close to my heart.

The Bride Test by Helen Hoang (The Kiss Quotient #2)

This is book two of The Kiss Quotient. Here we follow Michael’s cousin, Khai, and the woman his mom brought from Vietnam to marry him, Esme. Okay, let me start again. Esme is offered an opportunity to come to the US and make Khai fall in love with her, as a single working class mother, she takes it. The thing is, Esme would do anything to make her daughter’s life better. Khai is not happy when he finds out his mom’s plan but decides to play along because it’s just one summer and then it will be over. But he didn’t count with 1) how gorgeous Esme is, 2) how a tornado of disaster she is, and 3) how much he would end up caring for her. From Esme, we get a storyline about immigration that deeply resonates with me. Her amusements and struggles and fears, I just felt it very close. With Khai, meanwhile, we see the grief he still carries for his cousin’s death. This book also has #ownvoices Autistic representation and there’s a number of internalized ableism that it’s dealt throughout the story.

This is a slow burn that I very much enjoyed. Their romance made me smile and laugh, and the ending was just perfect for this story. I adore their interactions, how awkward they both are and how they’re trying their best. I can’t wait to see what comes next from Helen, I’m sure it’s going to be wonderful.

Untouchable by Talia Hibbert (Ravenswood #2)

OMG, I LOVE TALIA. I feel like I already said enough about this series, but did I really? Because I can keep talking about these wonderful characters and delightful stories forever. Here we follow Ruth’s older sister, Hannah, whose live is not turning the way she wanted. And then her childhood crush, Nate, moves back to town and he’s in desperate need of a nanny. Perfect job for Hannah, who misses working with little terrors. Not so perfect? That her old crush apparently never died and she’s having bad (more like, sexy) thoughts about her new boss. Not perfect for Nate? He feels the same, very attracted to this woman who makes him laugh, holds his hand, takes care of his children and calls out his bullshit. The book goes back and for because they both want to, but he doesn’t want to cross the line as his boss and she doesn’t feel like she deserves this kind of love or adoration. MY POOR HEART. This book is incredibly heartbreaking but also hopeful and so romantic and adorable. I really love Talia and this series so much. Now, I’m not ready to read the last book, I can’t let these characters go.

Rafe by Rebekah Weatherspoon (Loose Ends #1)

Oh friends, I really wanted to love this book. After reading and loving Untouchable, I was so in the mood of another Nanny romance (please tell me that’s how this trope is called). I’ve been meaning to read this one for so long that when I found out my library got the audiobook, I placed it on hold. I really wanted to love it but I just… I don’t know, something was missing here. I liked the characters and I liked the story, but the romance just didn’t work out for me. It’s not like I didn’t like it, I just felt very meh about it. Which, coming to think about it, it’s the worst thing in Romance novels, not caring about the couple and their happiness? The worst feeling. I’m not even sure what was the problem, the story was very enjoyable and I devoured it, but the sparks weren’t there for me. Don’t tell me anything, I’m so disappointed with myself.

Some romance books that I’m reading right now or planning to read next;

  • A Duke By Default by Alyssa Cole (Reluctant Royals #2)
  • Ashwin by Kit Rocha (Gideon’s Riders #1)
  • Ayesha at Last Uzma Jalaluddin
  • Wrong to Need You by Alisha Rai (Forbidden Hearts #2)
  • A Hope Divided by Alyssa Cole (The Loyal League #2)
  • Breathless by Beverly Jenkins (Old West #2)

What about you? Have you read any wonderful Romance book lately?

Happy reading,

#RomBkLove Day 22: Beautiful Covers

Hello, lovelies!

Today in #RomBkLove were talking about one of my favorite things: covers. I’m not gonna lie, covers are a big reason of my empty-wallet predicament. Yes, I read and add books from my favorite tropes or favorite authors, but I mostly find new authors when their pretty covers caught my eyes. Because Romanceladia covers are a work of art.

Couples in covers get to me every time; the looks! the sparks flying! the hungry look of their faces! the cared and fierceness with they hold each other!

What are your favorite covers? What are the things you love on your covers? What are the things you want to see more?

Tell us all about it using the hashtag #RomBkLove on twitter and instagram!

Some of my favorite couples

Cyclone by Courtney Milan is this wonderful series with the most wonderful people ever, who deserve the entire world. As always, Courtney wins me over with a couple of paragraphs and I fall for these heroines even faster than their heroes. Trade Me (m/f) follows Tina and Blake, who decide to switch places to prove a point, Tina is pissed but Blake is already falling, and their love is the greatest satisfaction. The story deals with eating disorder, feeling like you’re not enough for your family, poverty and immigration. Hold Me (m/f) follows Tina’s friend, Maria, and Jay, the man she despises. This is for me, the best enemies to lovers. Their relationship just works so well, plus they flirt with science which it’s one of my favorite things. I love everything Courtney writes and especially love the covers of this series. I mean, look at these couples, please!

AH these books! Hate To Want You was my first Alisha’s Rai book and what a wonderful trip that was. I love how these covers convey how sexy, passionate and lovely these books are. It doesn’t hurt that these people are too gorgeous. I’m going to be honest, I haven’t finished Forbidden Hearts, yet. Please don’t scream at me! I don’t have excuses because I absolutely loved the first book, following a second chance romance that it becomes a rivals to lovers (or more like, we can’t possible be together). The sparks flying and their love and wow I love these characters with all my heart. This book was also one of my first wow this depression rep makes me feel so seen. These covers are reason enough to get these books, but also, you know, these stories are the rollercoaster you want.

At this point, you have to have heard about Reluctant Royals series and seen these incredibly gorgeous covers. Following a group of women who don’t think they deserve the entire world and the heroes that workship the floor they walk on. The colors! Their faces! The dresses! I just love everything about this series, everything about Alyssa and everything that it involves fake relationship/marriages. I never thought I would be so in love with Royalty stories but now I’m rethinking my entire stand in this, because why wouldn’t you want more about these beautiful and messy royals?

Special mention to these books that I haven’t read (yet) but I did preorder/bought because of their gorgeous covers:

  • Rebel by Beverly Jenkins
  • My Imaginary Ex by Mina V. Esguerra
  • The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics by Olivia Waite
  • A Lady’s Desire by Lily Maxton
  • Stealing Luna by Carla de Guzman
  • Project Saving Noah by Six de los Reyes
  • No Two Ways by Chi Yu Rodriguez
  • The King Of Bourbon Street by Thea de Salle
  • Swing Batter Swing by Zaida Polanco


Latinx Book Club: June Book Pick

credits to Isabel Ibañez author of Woven In Moonlight (2020)

What is Latinx Book Club?

Well, a book club that will focus on YA/MG books by Latinx authors. Co-host by Jocelyn from yogi with a book, Sofia from Bookish Wanderess, Dani from metamorphoreader, Alicia from A Kernel of Nonsense, Carolina from Santana Reads and me.

Each month we will posting a poll with four choices: 2 new release and 2 backlist titles, and you can pick what book we will be reading. We have planned tons of amazing and fun things (things that rhyme with interviews and discussions). We’ll be boosting and sharing, so be sure to follow us on on Twitter (@latinxbookclub) and Instagram (@latinxbkclub)

Also, be sure to use the hashtag #LatinxBookClub so we can see all your posts!

What are we going to be reading during Pride month aka June, you ask?

*takes deep breath*

credits to the amazing Alicia for this lovely graphic

We Set The Dark On Fire by Tehlor Kay Mejia

Pub Date: 2019|Katherine Tegen Books|We Set The Dark On Fire #1

At the Medio School for Girls, distinguished young women are trained for one of two roles in their polarized society. Depending on her specialization, a graduate will one day run a husband’s household or raise his children, but both are promised a life of comfort and luxury, far from the frequent political uprisings of the lower class. Daniela Vargas is the school’s top student, but her bright future depends upon no one discovering her darkest secret—that her pedigree is a lie. Her parents sacrificed everything to obtain forged identification papers so Dani could rise above her station. Now that her marriage to an important politico’s son is fast approaching, she must keep the truth hidden or be sent back to the fringes of society, where famine and poverty rule supreme.

On her graduation night, Dani seems to be in the clear, despite the surprises that unfold. But nothing prepares her for all the difficult choices she must make, especially when she is asked to spy for a resistance group desperately fighting to bring equality to Medio. Will Dani cling to the privilege her parents fought to win for her, or to give up everything she’s strived for in pursuit of a free Medio—and a chance at a forbidden love?

Buy Links

Hope you join us next month!