First Quarter 2019 Update

Hello lovelies,

April is gone and we’re now a quarter done of 2019, which feels so strange. This year has gone fast but not fast enough (don’t pay attention to my rambling, me needs sleep). I have been struggling lately with blogging, I’m not sure what to post and I couldn’t put away this idea about yearly updates after I saw Jocelyn’s video. So here we are, yes, pretending that we care about this. Thank you very much.

I have divided this post in two sections: bookish stats and 2019 resolutions.

As of today I have read 128 books of my 300 goal, which it feels kinda surreal. I even broke my all time record in April and read 36 books in a month. I have DNFed and “paused” a quite number of books, which it was one of my 2019 resolutions. I don’t want to force myself this year to keep reading things I’m not enjoying or are not for me. Although my two stars rating is higher that I would like (10%) is way smaller than last year. And I haven’t finished any book that I utterly despised so far! I rated 64 books with 4/4.5 stars and 16 books with 5 stars, that’s 63% of my ratings. AMAZING. I have never done so well?? Like read so many books that I love one after the other and it feels so good.

One thing I do want to work on upcoming months is reading longer books. Many of these 130 books are comics, novellas or short stories, which are totally books and definitely count, but it’s because I feel very intimated with books with more than 400 pages. That’s something I want to do for the next months: read my big tomes.

My 2019 bookish resolutions

1) more romance books,
2) more SFF books and series,
3) Latinx authors,
4) more books featuring sapphic couples
5) read owned books

1. I have read 38 romance books so far, 22 of those are by WOC. And sure, I haven’t exactly loved the 38 books but most of them have been very enjoyable or absolutely perfect. I’m very happy this progress with romance, slowly diving into new authors and sub-genres, meeting awesome people on twitter and falling more in love with these stories.

Some of my faves so far:

2. Not so happy with my progress with SFF. I have read 11 Science Fiction or Fantasy books so far, a mix of YA, MG and Adult. But this exactly the reason why I have this resolution. I used to read Fantasy all the time a couple of years ago and then, I’m not sure, I kinda left it and went somewhere else. And the returning has been so hard. It goes along with me not feeling motivated to pick up long books and SFF books being super long. I did recently bought some books that I was super excited about, so yeah, going to tackle this resolution in the next months!

3. Ok, the progress of my ReadLatinx resolution makes me a little ashamed. If you follow me on twitter (yes, follow me there), you know I talk nonstop about my support for Latinx authors and their work. And although I have been showing that with my wallet, not really with my reading. And look, I know people are not going to get angry at me for the number of books unread I have, but I do feel guilty. I want to do better for Latinx authors, I want to actively and consciously read their work. Going to do better from here on!

4. I actually have been setting this goal for sapphic books for 3 years now. It makes me so sad how books featuring f/f relationships are often ignored or hated with a fervor that doesn’t go to m/f or m/m pairings. Not to say that books with these (or other) pairings don’t receive hatred! BUT the difference exists. And especially when we’re talking about sapphic WOC. Anyway, that’s why I’ve been working on reading more books by or about queer women. My goal was to read 50 books this year (that is like 4 books at month) and I have already read 40! So yeah, vivan queer women!

5. I get most of my books from the library, which it’s great because libraries are freaking amazing! But these books tend to become my priority then and I completely put aside the books that I have bought. So I’m trying to work on reading from the library, buying less (because saving money is also pretty great) and prioritizing my own shelf. I’m not doing as good as I’d like (I have read 24 of my books, ebooks and physical copies), but I did find the perfect trick: readathons. I try to make TBRs with my own books, and although it makes things way harder, it also is super fun.

Anyway, that’s all for today. I hope to make this post quarterly (duh) and I’m also working on a book haul, too. Hopefully would be up towards the end of the week? I really hope people actually want to read all this rambling, if not that’s totally fine, but I’m very sorry because I had the greatest time writing this post.

Let me know about your own stats, resolutions or just yelled at me about the ridiculous time I spent with spreadsheets (too much, that’s going to be the answer always).


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